Give Yourself The Gift of Unconditional Love

I just got back to New York after a weekend in LA and I cannot believe Christmas is in a week. I don’t know about you, but I love Christmas. I love the chaos, the lights, the music, and spending time with family. I can’t wait to make my favorite cookies (chocolate chip hazelnut cranberry), watch Christmas movies, and go ice skating at Bryant Park.

I don’t have a lot of consistency in my life, so holidays mean a lot to me. I’ve traveled so much this year and although I am grateful to be able to travel and make music, it can take me away from other things that are equally important, like family and friends.

 Things are finally slowing down, and I have more time to reflect. I just finished online school for the semester and I’m not releasing music till next year. Sometimes when I have too much down time, I overthink and start second guessing myself.

As much as I love holidays, they can be stressful. People are showing their 2023 highlight reels and advertisements are making us feel like we need a million things we don’t. We might be around family members that trigger us or feel like we aren’t where we want to be in life. I’m far from where I thought I’d be at this time, but I’m learning from my mistakes and moving forward and that’s something to be proud of. My own insecurities or regrets or fears about the future don’t have to stop me from enjoying all the special moments.

Wherever you’re at this holiday season is completely okay. There’s a lot of pressure to be happy but there’s nothing wrong with feeling however you feel. Give yourself the gifts of compassion and unconditional love this year, they’re priceless.


Here are five things I’ve been doing to keep me in a good head space:

  • Going for a Walk.
  • Getting Off social media.
  • Listening to Music.
  • Thinking of all the things I’m grateful for.
  • Meditation.
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