Grammy's Recap

Yesterday, I watched the Grammys for the first time in years. It brought me back to being young and wishing I was on that stage myself; I would practice my speech in the shower and my performances for my stuffed animals and parents (who were too patient with me lol). If only that little girl would’ve known how much life was going to throw at her at such a young age. Getting a record deal and losing a record deal before the age of 20. Traveling around by herself making music while climbing her way out of a dark place, falling in love and losing love.  Somehow, I managed get back my excitement and joy for music along the way. The truth is, I don’t feel much different watching the Grammys now from when I was a kid; except that I no longer need to fulfill the dream of becoming famous or winning a Grammy to be happy.

Achievements and trophies are wonderful acknowledgements of hard work and success but chasing them can make you miss out on all the happiness there is to be found every day. The fact is that just being able to make music and create with friends is a dream come true. In a lot of ways, the journey is the prize. Every day is an opportunity to connect with yourself, with nature, and with others who understand you and see your value. You don’t need external validation to be satisfied with what you’re creating whether that be music or just a life you feel proud of.

I think we grow up with the desire to become rich and powerful and successful because we think it will guarantee us relationships, purpose, and happiness. But we don’t have to wait till we reach a certain milestone to feel worthy of those things. Of course, I want my music to reach a wide audience and to be able to perform at big venues and have the power to help others. But I also know I can help others right now, just by offering love and support. I know that my value is not dependent on other people’s ability to see it. I really do hope my music touches some of you and that you enjoy listening. Just know that every comment, like, and message I get is appreciated immensely. One thing is for sure, If I ever do make it big, the ones who were there with me from the beginning will not be forgotten.

Sending love,

Baker Grace

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