Happy New Year

They tell you one door closes and another door opens, but they don’t say how long you wait in between. They don’t tell you about the time spent knocking on doors that no one cares to let you in and reminiscing on doors you wish you never walked out of. The time in between is probably where we spend most of our lives. Romanticizing the mundane while we are fantasizing about the future and reliving the past.

As this year ends and everyone is posting their highlight reels, I think it’s important to remember that most of life is only as exciting as we make it. We can set our goals for the New Year, but the truth is that we have very little control over what life brings us. Last year, I made a long list of things I wanted to happen, and life threw me for a loop instead. But aspirations serve a purpose even if they don’t come true. They motivate us, excite us, connect us, and gives us hope in hard times. I now realize that I was holding on to a lot of things I had to let go of and though I can’t predict the future, I do feel like I’m finally in a position in my life to go after what I want and show up as my most authentic self. That means more to me than checking off everything on a list.

This year, my main goal is to be present and make the most of every moment. I don’t want to be so set on achieving my dreams that I miss out on the fact that life itself is a dream I have the privilege to experience. If this year taught me anything, it’s that who and what you put your energy into on a day-to-day basis will change the course of your life. The second I decided I was going to prioritize my well-being, my life started falling apart because my life wasn’t supporting my well-being. Change and growth are not always easy, but life would be boring if it was easy. A fresh start is an opportunity to create an environment that supports your happiness.  

While you’re working towards your dreams and setting your goals this year, remember to enjoy the in-between time, and make space for things to change. Let 2024 be the year that you live for yourself and whether you fail or succeed, do it on your own terms. Let it be the year you turn the knob on the door that’s calling your name, instead of waiting for the right one to open, and shut the doors you’ve been too afraid to close.

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