No One Cares

I took a hip-hop dance class this Sunday and as always, I was nervous at first. I am not an experienced dancer and get self-conscious about looking awkward. After we learned the dance and did it a couple times, the teacher stopped the class and said (to all of us) something along the lines of “No one is watching you, no one cares how you look, just let loose, have fun, and give it your all.” I did just that and had so much fun. Not only did I have a blast, but I also looked much better doing the dance because I felt comfortable and confident in my own skin.

The lesson I learned not only applies to dance class but every aspect of life. It’s easy to get self-conscious and worry about how the decisions we make will be seen by others. But the truth is, everyone is primarily worried about themselves. To be honest, if anyone has something negative to say about you having fun or being yourself, it’s just a projection of their own insecurities. We don’t have to live by anyone else’s set of rules and standards. What you like and makes you feel good may be completely different from what fulfills me, and that is completely okay.

Long story short, do what makes you feel good regardless of what anyway thinks about it. Don’t be so focused on trying to impress others or not embarrass yourself that you don’t even get the chance to discover what you love. Dance like no one’s watching. Life is too short to waste it caring what other people think or trying to be someone else’s version of happy.   

-Baker Grace

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